Mineral Water Plants

WATERTECH ENGINEERS Mineral Water Plant bundles are accessible in exceptional modules so they can be updated whenever the request increments.

A standard Mineral Water Plant comprises of:

A. Water Treatment Plant (WTP), and
B. Packaging Plant

A. Water Treatment Plant (WTP): Capacity of our RO plant is: 500 ltr/hour to 20,000 ltr/hour. The Water Treatment Plant (WTP) has one or these components:

Chlorine/Hypochlorite Dosing System

Chlorine/Hypo Chlorite Dosing process is done in the crude water for sanitization or oxidation of iron and manganese in the water, before filtration.

Raw Water Storage Tank

Raw water is should have been put away, after chlorination process, to get a detainment time according to process.

Sand Filtration System

It is expected to expel suspended particles and turbidity from crude water by utilizing silica quartz sand.

Active Carbon Filter

These are utilized to expel Chlorine, Odor, Color, Pesticides, Organics and In-organics Impurities, and Metal Impurities from water by utilizing carbon bed.

Anti-Scalant Dosing System

These are utilized to expel Calcium and Magnesium salts from water.

Micron Cartridge Filter

These are utilized to expel small scale contaminations from water.

Reverse Osmosis System

RO framework expels dissolvable contaminations and cut down TDS (Total Dissolvable Solids) from water by osmosis process.

Ultraviolet (UV) System

This framework slaughters microbiological development in the RO water with the assistance of UV light.

Ozonation System

This framework includes ozone in the RO water and furthermore enhances its taste.

B. Bundling Plant: Packing machines come in two forms: Fully Automatic and in addition Semi Automatic. Completely Automatic Machines accompany In-encourage Air Conveyor which gives high generation rate no-change parts for various sizes of jugs. WATERTECH ENGINEERS gives finish turnkey Mineral Water Plants according to client prerequisites. We are associated with driving hardware makers and have executed such tasks nationwide.

The bundling unit comprises of one or these components:

Bottle Manufacturing by PET Blowing Machine

To make PET Bottles of different sizes. Accessible in semi and programmed operation - up to 3600 containers/hour.

Rinsing Filling - Capping - Sealing Machine

The bottles are embedded in the machine which naturally flushes, fills and screws the top on them. Tops are properly stamped, before being placed in a container for screwing on to the bottle.


The names and neck sleeve are physically put on bottles, which at that point go through therapist burrows and onto pressing conveyer.

Manufacturing Stage-Wise Inspection

  • After creation of unit
  • At the season of gathering of unit
  • While fitting of fixed pack membrane
  • Inspection of completely gathered plant


  • Capacity 500 ltr/hour to 20,000 ltr/hour in single and various streams
  • Produces top notch mineral water
  • Reverse osmosis pre-treatment accessible in SS/FRP/Polyglass
  • TDS dismissal up to 95-99%
  • High-proficient UV disinfectant and ozonation
  • Very low operation cost

Zero Maintenance

With an unrivaled outline, WATERTECH ENGINEERS Mineral Water Plants require zero upkeep. The substitution of their consumable is likewise low. Additionally, preventive and occasional support is likewise extremely easy.

Customized Solution

Selection of a plant relies upon application, water quality and water utilization. Our water specialists are at your administration to guarantee the best altered solution.