RO System Rental Services

It is a one of a kind gear rental administration by WATERTECH ENGINEERS that causes you accomplish scratch business objectives, meet your basic water needs and adapt to rare water and capital assets. We realize that your plant downtime, or not having the capacity to meet generation requests, isn't a choice. WATERTECH ENGINEERS financially savvy rental RO Systems help support your benefits by creating steady item quality, working dependably, while advancing the utilization of your capital for center business exercises amid a development, plant upkeep or genuine impermanent unanticipated water emergency.

These rental units comprise of a switch osmosis plant with mechanical channel and conditioner as pre-treatment. All units are based on the same solid transport slide and are prepared for utilize. The operation of the reduced unit is easy to understand with both control, flowmetres, and manometres being operationable from the front of the unit.


  • Apartments Housing society (Residences Colonies)
  • Commercials uses
  • Corporate houses and industries
  • Filling up capacity tanks at area warming plants
  • Hotels and hospitals
  • Malls and markets
  • Process water for emergencies
  • Schools and colleges
  • Seasonal pinnacle loads
  • Temporary supply of process water in times of redesign or substitution of existing water treatment plant

WATERTECH ENGINEERS offers different RO rental units which are accessible on modified rental basis:

Containerized Reverse Osmosis Systems

There are numerous choices accessible, contingent upon quality and nature of water source, amount of filtered water required, the application for the refined water, manual or programmed operation. These alternatives include:

  • Only Filtration: Manual and programmed back-wash channels: Small (1000 liters/day) to huge (millions/day)
  • Filtration and Polishing (Activated Carbon)
  • Flocculation, Filtration, Sterilization and Polishing
  • Flocculation, Filtration, Heavy Metal Removing, Sterilizing and Polishing
  • Flocculation, Filtration, Heavy Metal Removing, Sterilizing, Polishing and Reverse Osmosis Treatment
  • Flocculation, Filtration, Heavy Metal Removing, Sterilizing, Polishing, Reverse Osmosis Treatment and Mineral Injection

Trailer Mounted Reverse Osmosis Systems

The trailer-mounted units are equipped for treating water from many water sources, for example, seawater, bitter water, and freshwater. Our trailer-encased film hardware offers the most adaptability with innovation, water sources and site limitations. The travel trailer with a lab and control room gives assurance from components, enabling our hardware to be on area in field for quite a long time at any given moment. The trailer-mounted frameworks are fit for being transported to remote locales and can be worked with generator provided control, at whatever point needed.

Skid-Mounted Reverse Osmosis Systems

These slip mounted units are intended to treat a scope of waters requiring demineralization, including freshwater and harsh waters. The slide mounted frameworks have comparable specialized capacities as the trailer-encased frameworks. The slip mounted units are incredible for indoor use as water treatment pilot units, or for transitory modern applications.

Bench Scale Reverse Osmosis Systems

The single-component units are reasonable for freshwater and bitter water treatment. Our seat scale frameworks are a littler limit than trailer-encased and slip mounted units. The little size of single-component units makes them amazingly compact, and magnificent for screening studies and preparatory testing.

These rental units can be effortlessly utilized as pilot plants. WATERTECH ENGINEERS can likewise scale up every one of its frameworks, keeping in mind the end goal to meet customer particulars.

Customized Solution

Selection of a plant relies upon application, water quality and water utilization. Our water specialists are at your administration to guarantee the best altered solution.