WATERTECH ENGINEERS offers all the three most famous desalination advancements, which are MSF (Multi-Stage Flash), MED (Multi-Effect Distillation) and RO (Reverse Osmosis), and has demonstrated supply records in all these areas.

Multi-Stage Flash (MSF)

In MSF (Multi-Stage Flash) technique, ocean water moves through a multi-level warmth trade framework, which is then warmed with steam from control creating plant until vanishing, and is consolidated on outside of funnels through which icy seawater streams. This technique is utilized as a part of huge limit desalination plants.

Multi-Effect Distillation (MED)

MED (Multi-Effect Distillation) is like MSF, yet just employments of gadgets called "Impact" rather than "Stage" from MSF. The MED technique has advantage of decreasing vitality utilization if connected with dump warm, and is utilized for medium-limit desalination plants.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

As the name recommends, weight is connected to seawater with a specific end goal to isolate substances like water and salt and in this manner deliver new water. Its generally simple operation and low vitality utilization make it perfect for all limits - little, medium and substantial plants. The Commercial Industrial Seawater Desalination SWRO Systems - intended to change over seawater to drinking water - utilize superb turn around osmosis seawater desalination layers. The item water is utilized as a part of an assortment of territories including civil, lodgings, resorts, military, seaward stages, substantial marine vessels and different mechanical applications. Intended for requesting necessities of the intense situations, these frameworks utilize our demonstrated innovation to give dependable, long haul performance.


  • Conservatively built for dependable, long term performance
  • Energy recuperation included for bigger models
  • Factory tried for inconvenience free operation
  • Heavy obligation powder covered frame
  • PLC controlled operation
  • Proven parts utilized all through the system


  • Hotels
  • Large Marine Vessels
  • Military
  • Municipal Water Treatment
  • Off-Shore Platforms
  • Resorts
  • Various Industrial Applications

Optional Parts

  • Chemical Injection
  • Energy Recovery
  • ORP Monitor/Controller
  • pH Monitor for Feed or for Permeate
  • PLC with 10" Touchscreen
  • Pre-treatment
  • Stainless Steel Boost or Repressurization Pump
  • Turbidity Monitor
  • UV System, Feed or Permeate

Replacement Parts and Consumables

  • Membrane Cleaning Cartridges
  • Replacement Components
  • Replacement Filter Housings
  • Replacement Membrane Pressure Vessels
  • Replacement Reverse Osmosis Membranes
  • Replacement Sediment Filters

Containerized Seawater Desalination System

To adjust our Desalination Plants to your necessities, we offer containerized versatile units from admission to dispersion up to a creation limit of 200 m3/h of desalinated water. The containerized frameworks are intended for vast scale plants or long-separate conveyance, by assembling pre-outlined module-estimate plants, completely gathered in standard 20 or 40-ft holders.

The holder simply should be sent out to where the consumable water is required, and after a concise instructional course, charged specialists are prepared to create top notch consumable water inside days of conveyance. Specially crafted individual containerized water treatment arrangement is available.


  • Can adjust to various environments
  • Easy installation
  • No compelling reason to leave space or manufacture another draftsman to introduce the system
  • Saves space for customers
  • Suitable for long-remove transport

Seawater Packaged Desalination Systems

It is huge for clients in water-rare regions to accomplish and keep up low working expenses. Our Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) arrangement bundles frameworks effectively address these issues while improving working expenses. These frameworks cover a scope of uses, including heater feedwater make-up, water system water, plant process water, and little group consumable water request. For those applications which have testing feedwater, these frameworks offer ultrafiltration and switch osmosis both to keep up the amount and nature of water required.


  • Fast lead time on modern desalination systems
  • FRP layer lodgings, high weight pipe salted and passivated for erosion resistance
  • Integrated vitality recuperation gadget for vitality conservation
  • Remote focal control system
  • SWRO media filtration, with clean set up, and synthetic encourage options

Water Desalination Skids

These high-salt-dismissal RO desalination frameworks are most appropriate for private water supplies, little groups, business or light enterprises with TDS levels up to 500 mg/l. It is a straightforward remain solitary framework with choices of pre-treatment with multi-media and carbon channels. Water conditioners are suggested with this framework for water hardness over 100 mg/l. Bigger Systems can be provided to address issues and determinations. These frameworks offer an abnormal state of profitability increases and more water recovery.

Customized Solution

Selection of a plant relies upon application, water quality and water utilization. Our water specialists are at your administration to guarantee the best redid solution.